As I get back out into the community, sharing angel guidance and my spiritual guidebooks with the world, I’ve had quite a few people ask me, “What exactly are angel cards?”

My answer?

“Angel cards are a divination tool – like tarot, these oracle cards are filled with gentle images, messages, and inspiration that help nudge you towards your highest good.”

Since working with my first card deck almost a decade ago to connect to the messages from my angels, I have very quickly grown my collection of angel, oracle, and tarot cards to almost one hundred different decks!

Yes, there are plenty of card decks out there and if you begin using them and love them, chances are you will also find yourself drawn to buy more and more decks as time goes on.

As I write in my upcoming book, “You Are Enough: Activate Your Angels & Magnetize a Soul-FULL Life”, angel cards are a beautiful divination tool that can bring you guidance when you need to quiet your logical mind and feel confident moving forward:

The magical thing about pendulums, runes, tarot, oracle and angel cards is how they always seem to reflect exactly what is happening in the energetic fields around them. You pull a rune or flip a card and – whether you like it or not – it will offer up a message that resonates with your soul.

Oracle cards and other divination tools are meant to highlight the intuitive knowledge that already exists within you and the knowledge of the angels and the Creator that surrounds you.

The best way to use these tools it to pair them with another exercise or reflective tool like journaling, where you reflect on the messages and imagery of the cards and explore the emotions and feelings they bring up in you.

Practicing this every day has helped me set intentions for my life, clear away any energetic blocks that come up, and understand more clearly my sometimes-overwhelming emotions.

When your inner bully begins to tell you “You’re not enough”, try flipping some oracle/angel cards or pulling some runes and see what the messages you read/see/feel evoke in you. Do some journaling or talk through the intuitive nudges you get with a trusted friend or counsellor/coach.

Clarity and answers can come from the cards (trust me, I know!) but you must be willing to be open to the guidance that comes. More often than not, it may not be necessarily what you want to hear, but what your soul needs to hear.

It is pretty amazing what happens when you listen.

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Love and light,