When it comes to feeling “enough” in this world, the validation and love that you seek lies within.

If you do not love yourself or honour your own feelings and emotions, no amount of achieving or helping others will make you feel enough.

This is where most of us empathic women get caught up – in people-pleasing, achieving, striving and hustling to help others and work towards goals we think will keep everyone happy.

All the while forgetting your own dreams, hopes, and desires.

Luckily, there are a lot of easy ways to begin to listen to and love your own body, mind, and spirit.

Keep reading for three more ways to tune in and trust.


Are you new here? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and coach who helps female leaders and achievers deepen their intuition and boost their spiritual health.


By sharing spiritual tools, practical exercises, and one-of-a-kind channeled healing meditations.
Reconnect to your innate Divine power and the love of your angels so you can shine and lead with light!

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If you have practiced my first three go-to ways of building and trusting your intuition, but find yourself still struggling, try taking it a step further and think “SOS” to help you remove blocks and barriers to discovering your own personal power:


1. Sleep

People-pleasing is exhausting.

Running around, helping everyone else and trying to solve all their problems (often while ignoring your own) is the stuff of comedic sitcoms.

So when you find your inner knowing dulled, you likely need to get some shut-eye.


Whether it’s the necessary 7-8 hours of sleep your body needs or a 20 minute cat-nap to help clear your mind and quiet the chaos, sleep is a very simple and easy way to boost your energy and keep your intuition heightened.

Think about when you are sleep deprived: your energy is low, you are likely more impatient (I know I am), more irritable, and likely not at all concerned with your inner heart’s craving for some yoga, high vibe foods, inspired acts of creativity, or a round of meditation (where you’ll likely just fall asleep anyway).

Yes, sleep is an easy way to feel more intuitive, more content and confident in your body, and more motivated to make positive changes and take inspired action in the pursuit of more joy.


2. Outside

Fresh air is a proven mood-booster and sunshine is a necessity for humans.

Our bodies run on vitamin D and those with deficiencies, (especially common during the late fall and winter months) are more likely to be depressed, sad, or angry.

All low vibe emotions that we want to release so we can tune in and take note of our intuition’s nudges.

So, if possible, get outside! Step outdoors and take a deep breath, even if you only have a minute.

Nature has such healing powers and can absorb negative emotions very quickly.

This is especially helpful if you take on the emotions of others, as most empaths do.

Even if you have to bundle up, try to get outside at least once a day.

And if the weather is nice, savour it!

If getting outside isn’t an option, try taking vitamin D supplements or purchasing a vitamin D light.

You can also bring nature inside, purchasing house plants or colourful flowers to brighten up your home.

Simple ways to connect with the healing power of outdoors and feel your energy instantly lifted.

Your intuition will blossom just like the plants and world around you!


3. Stretch

One of the best ways to move old energy out and make room for intuitive nudges is to stretch.

This is directly tied to healthy breathing as well and can take as little as two minutes or as long as you’d like.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, bloated, grumpy, or just plain “blah”, take some time to stretch.

Your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cells carry energy and can easily get bogged down with negativity and worries, blocking your instincts and feelings from shining through.

Go ahead and try some yoga poses – my favourites are child’s pose and happy baby pose – and feel the tension and anxiety melt away as you breathe deeply and give your body some attention, some oxygen, and some gratitude for all the amazing things it has done for you.

You will instantly feel uplifted, and eventually stronger, leaner, and more grounded in your body.

Stretching is also an important way to honour your body after a workout. Too many of us are so busy we finish our workout and forget to stretch.

Stop it!

Your muscles need that cool down, that love.

In doing so, you are increasing your flexibility, your muscles’ strength and you are also lowering your risk of injury.

Take the five minutes to stretch and remind yourself the benefits of that extra five minutes are long-lasting.

Your body is sacred and holds within it the answers you seek; give it some love by stretching it out regularly.


Looking for more ways to tune in? Get my free 5 minute “Deepen Your Intuition” Meditation here.


Using the SOS method will help you listen more intently and easily to the inner voice within you.

That inner voice is ready to help you heal, expand, and understand just how powerful, beautiful, and resilient you are.

Affirm: I love and honour my body and its intuitive knowledge.

Now it’s your turn – what are your favourite ways to boost your energy, lift your mood, and listen to the inner knowings of your heart?

Light and love,