One of the best ways I have found to help me battle momguilt and overcome thoughts of “not enough” has been to deepen my intuition and connect to a Divine power greater than myself.

Doing so has taken time but has gotten easier and easier – building your intuition is like building muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it will get.

You must take the time to practice, look for signs, notice synchronicities, tune in to your feelings, and reflect on what is being reflected to you in your world.

Now, your intuition has led you here and that is no coincidence. It obviously is trying to get your attention.

Read on to discover how you can find out “why”?


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There are many ways to enhance your intuition – that inner knowing and sense of internal guidance and confidence – but let’s start with three of the easiest ways to tune in.

These can be practiced pretty much anywhere (except maybe while driving), and you will be amazed at how they can also help you calm down when you are feeling overwhelmed.


1. Breathe

This one is pretty much a no-brainer in the spiritual community, but is also the first thing you forget to do when you are stressed, struggling, or feeling overwhelmed and not enough.

You are thisclose to losing your patience and yelling at your kids or spouse or colleague. Your mind is racing, your thoughts are all over the map, and your pattern is to just “push through”, despite exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy.




The great thing about this one is you can do it anywhere – eyes open or eyes closed.

You are always breathing, as you need oxygen to live, but we underestimate the cleansing power of our breath and forget to notice how our body simply breathes without us even thinking about it.

And when you breathe in, you can really get a sense of not only how magical your physical body is because you’re focusing on internalizing air and really going within, but also how powerful your surroundings are and what it is that you’re surrounding yourself with.

That mindfulness or self-awareness tunes you into the energies both internally and externally that surround you.

Whenever you are feeling stressed or confused or overwhelmed or like you are falling back into old habits of hustling, people-pleasing, or putting your own needs last, just breathe.

Then on the exhale, intend that you’re letting go.

Let go of stress, negativity, expectations, etc.

And as you do this, you will ground your body and teach your mind to relax, building that intuition muscle slowly, but surely.


2. Ask: “What Can I Create Today?”

This is a question you should ask every day.

It’s a very simple question, but one that is super important because one of the reasons your intuition fails you is because you are so busy.

Distraction keeps you from listening to your heart’s true desires.¬†

And even when you’re resting and lounging on the couch, you’re often distracting yourself with screens or sounds.

There’s always something going on.

So try and stop for a minute – especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or feeling like “I am a terrible person, failing and letting everyone down!”



If you can just stop, breathe in (#1) and ask yourself, “What can I create today?” and then truly listen for a minute and trust what comes up, your intuition will strengthen and answers will come.

I promise!

Yes, ¬†sometimes what comes up won’t make any sense.

I’ve said this time and time again, what you “hear” might be “Rest!” and you’ll think, “I’m too busy to rest!”

That might be the case, but if you are too busy you likely need to rest!

Either way, you have to trust what comes up because your body, your mind, your spirit, that intuitive voice – that inner you – that little version of yourself knows what you need.

And it also knows what you can do now in this present moment, which is really the only place your power lies.

So tune in and ask, “What can I create today?”

Then just jot it down and affirm: “This is what I’m focusing on today. Everything else I release with grace.”


3. Place Your Hands on Your Heart

This one is a game changer!

It is especially powerful if you are a nurturer or people-pleaser, because it is a very simple way you can give yourself some love and support.

As you place your hands on your heart, you begin to move energy into your heart space.

If you have time, you can rub your hands together ahead of time and create some friction.

Do this for as long as you feel comfortable (even three to five seconds is lots just to get them warm), and intend that they fill with loving energy and healing light.

Then place them on your heart.

Now, this is such a simple way to tune in and to honor your feelings and as a sensitive, spiritual, soulful woman, you have a lot of them.

Some of those feelings might weigh heavy on you and as you do this, it may trigger a few tears or several yawns or the desire to stretch and move all that energy out.

It might make you feel so full up and grateful.

You might laugh or bubble up with joy and anticipation for what’s coming or it might be a whole rollercoaster of emotions.

Honour whatever comes up, feel through it and know that – as you do – you are letting your inner knowing feel heard, seen, and loved.


Need more help trusting what comes? Get my free 5 minute “Deepen Your Intuition” Meditation here.


These three simple ways of tuning in and developing your intuition will help you begin to trust your instincts more and to recognize when you are slipping into that people-pleasing, self-critical, striver mode of doing everything for everyone else and never feeling enough.

These practices (and they do need to be practiced – I recommend daily) don’t take a lot of time or energy.

They are really so simple, but you have likely been so busy loving everyone else, giving love to everyone else, giving attention to everyone else, that you have forgotten to love up on yourself and listen to that inner knowing within.

So hands on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask, what can I create today?

Affirm: My intuition is strong and guides me to bliss.

Light and love,