Have you ever felt like your intuition has led you astray? Or that your angels have deserted you and left you to struggle?

If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, this blog can help you reframe and remind you of the power you have in this moment to shift your perspective.

I’ve also included an Angel Activation to help you heal and to deepen your courage and conviction.



Over a decade ago, as I was processing a particularly heart-wrenching breakup, my sister sent me a quote from a Katy Perry song:

What if the reasons why

All the doors are closed

Is so you could open one

That leads you to the perfect road?


I still tear up when I hear “Firework” and listen to that line, knowing that the reason it makes me cry is because it resonates with my truth.

At the time, I did not feel that confident about this perfect road that lay ahead. My heart was broken and I felt like I would be alone and sad forever.

That, of course, is where faith came into play.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other and – most importantly – I kept hoping that the next door I opened would bring me more fulfillment and love.

Many years later, I read the description of an oracle card I had flipped for a client and it said, “There are many paths to happiness.”

Another “aha” truth moment, as I recognized just how deeply I believed that.

When it comes to overcoming feelings of despair and frustration so you can discover those paths of happiness, you must remember one thing: you have the power to choose the path that lights you up the most.

You have free will – something the Creator gave you, and the choices you make create your squiggly line of life – the ups and downs, backwards and forwards, round and round, through the entire gambit of experiences and emotions.

This is what you signed up for when you agreed to inhabit a human body.

Sometimes it feels like the Universe is handing you more downs than ups, or that the line has been all squiggles and no forward momentum. In times of struggle, it can be hard to fathom finding one path to happiness, nevermind many.

In these moments I want you to breathe and release your “all or nothing” thinking. Keep showing up, keep taking it one step at a time, and ask your angels to guide you toward more light.

Use this angel activation to help:


Please help me to find the way forward.

Guide me to the paths of happiness meant for my soul.

Help me to overcome these hurdles and to use that growth from these challenges to be even more compassionate, generous, and grateful in the days to come.

Please surround me with strength and courage as I take it one step at a time.

I need your light and love now.

Thank you.


As you welcome in the light of your angels, your intuition will be activated. Take time each day to tune in, to take a moment and breathe, allowing the knowing within to break through the noise.

Your intuition knows the full story – the perfect road that Katy Perry sings about – and is waiting for you to ask what the next page, the next piece of the puzzle, the next step towards that door to more fulfillment and joy – is.


Your angels will guide you to your next step and, as you trust your intuition and guides, the many paths to happiness make themselves known to you. It also becomes easier to decide which path will bring you happiness today.

When you are tuned in, and open to the power this present moment has, you will not be lead astray.

You’ve got this.


Sending you big love,



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