Do you ever feel like your sensitivity is a burden?

Was your empathy encouraged or discouraged?

If you are a people-pleaser, chances are you grew up pushing your own intuitive feelings away and, instead, focusing on the needs, desires, and emotions of the people around you.

In this Youtube video, I share with you some insight into the ways your soft heart may have led you to people-please or conform to what others want from you.

Check out the video below for an excerpt from my newest book, “You Are Enough” and the powerful Angel Activation I share, (found in chapter nine).

Use it to help you embrace and to listen more to your soft, sensitive heart.



Please help me to have a higher perspective of my upbringing.

Help me to feel loved, nurtured, and seen.

Lift up my traumas and perceived hurts and help me to understand that the adults I looked to were flawed as well.

Fill me with compassion for them, and for myself.

Please help me to accept my past and to use it to create an even better future.

Thank you.