Lightworkers often struggle to stay present in this moment.

Thinking instead of your potential future or the past you want to heal, your energy becomes fractured and your inner light dims.

Grounding your physical energy can help bring your attention back to the power you have right now and help your light to shine bright.

Get Present and Empowered


Focusing your energy on the “now” has many benefits, most importantly awakening you to the connection you have with the Divine. As you deepen this connection, you can use your intuition to pursue the things that bring you joy and more effortlessly lead and love others.

Here is a simple activation you can use to amplify the power of your spiritual team, and allow you to feel more presence.

Let Divine light shine through you and amplify out, inspiring those you love and helping heal those who need it.

Tune in to Divine Presence


Take a few deep breaths and place your hands on your heart. Then say out loud or simply read the following with the intention of co-creating with the Divine.



Please help me to love my physical body.

Remind me that this body is a gift from the Creator and I am meant to receive it with gratitude.

Please help me be thankful for all my physical body does – and can do – for me.

Help me as I give myself permission to take up space.

Help me remember that I chose this body, this life, and this timeline, so I could share my light and love with the world.

Please support me as I continue to take daily inspired action to shine and share my love with the world.

Help me be a messenger of peace.

Amplify all the power I possess in this moment. Help me make a positive impact on this Earth.

Magnetize my body to the Earth.

Help me love and respect the Earth.

Keep my grateful heart open to all the love and joy that awaits me.

Thank you.


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Light and love,


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