How do you process energy and intuitive nudges?

The more you understand how you connect to your intuition, the easier it is to recognize thoughts of “lack” and “not enough” when they pop up. It also becomes much easier to build your trust in a supportive, abundant, flowing Universe. One that helps you feel “enough” in a world that often tells you that you need “more”.

In this video blog, I share the four spiritual ways to communicate with the Divine, awaken your spirituality and deepen your intuition – clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

This explanation of “clairs” was originally shared in my first book, Opening Up: How to Develop Your Intuition and Work with Your Angels, chapter 9 – see the video and breakdown below.

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From Opening Up:

One of the great lessons I learned as I developed my intuition was the different ways in which people can receive messages, signs, and guidance from Heaven. There are four ‘clairs’, or ways we gather and process energy. As you read through these, think of which of these describe you best (there may be more than one):


This is probably the most common way the popular, well-know psychics, mediums and channels receive messages. As a clairvoyant, you will ‘see’ images or movie-like pictures in your mind when you open up. You will also tend to see things in your day-to-day life that will catch your attention – a billboard, an ad in the paper, repetitive numbers, a person you are drawn to talk to, a colour, a link on a website you are meant to click on, etc.

If you are clairvoyant, you are a very visual person and can ask the angels to send you images/signs – either in your mind or in your physical world – that can help guide you and give you the answers you seek.


This is one of my dominant ‘clairs’ and is often strong in logical people and thinkers. Messages and intuitive instincts pop into your head and often you have no clue where the idea came from! Names of people, solutions to problems you’ve been thinking about, places you should go, or simple words that make sense to you will fill your mind and are meant to be heeded.

If you are claircognizant, you can ask the angels to bring you messages and ideas to keep you on track and living your best life possible.


This is a ‘clair’ that has some negative energy around it, as the public often thinks if you hear voices, you are certifiably insane. It is actually quite common for people to hear the voices of their angels, and there are many stories out there of people who have heard ‘a voice’ that has kept them from danger, saved their life, or changed everything, etc. Messages come through the ears and can be clear words, lyrics from a song that pop out, a snippet of someone’s conversation that sticks, or even ringing in the ears (very common). I believe this ringing is the angels’ way of sharing messages with us, subtly planting intuitive seeds in our mind and heart.

If you are clairaudient, you can ask the angels to send you music lyrics, conversations, YouTube videos, podcasts, radio talks, etc. that can bring you assurance and peace.


This is my most dominant ‘clair’, and very common in healers, as this one is all about feelings. Gut instincts, emotions, energy vibrations, and physical responses are the way messages come through for people with strong clairsentience. Usually you will know right away if you are comfortable around someone or if something is ‘off’ in a situation. Often, you may take on the energy and feelings of those around you. If you are clairsentient, you can ask the angels to use your physical feelings and instincts to guide you, and to give you the confidence to trust those instincts.


Everyone has a certain degree of all of these ‘clairs’, but most people have a dominant one or two. I am first and foremost a ‘feeler’ and secondly a ‘thinker’, but have also seen images in my mind and always seem to turn on the radio and hear a song that resonates with me just when I need it! As you were reading through the descriptions, did one or two of them resonate with you and seem to describe you?


Exercise: Think about the last time you met a new person and the circumstances that surrounded that meeting.

When you think of that meeting, do you imagine the setting you met in or what the person was wearing?

Are there a lot of visual details that pop into your head?

Maybe the person made you think of things in a different light, or got your ideas flowing?

Or do you think of the conversation you had and the things the person said that ‘stuck’ with you?

Do you instantly remember how the person made you feel – comfortable, uneasy, shy, excited, etc.?

Based on the descriptions above, look at the way you interact with others and the senses you rely on in most situations.

These are your dominant ‘clairs’ and the ways you will find it easiest to receive guidance from your angels.


Journal Prompts:


The senses I use when I respond to people and situations:

My dominant ‘clair(s)’:


Let me know which one (or two) resonates with you in the comments below!

Light and love,