Feeling a bit uncertain this holiday season?

Synchronicities and signs are a great way to reassure an over-thinking brain. Calm your anxiety and feel the support of the Divine with these three signs, and be sure to let me know in the comments which sign resonates most with you as we head toward the holiday season.



Finding coins in random places (like in your bathroom or under your toddler’s bed) is an easy sign the angels can send you to reassure you that you are on the right track.

They are also a wonderful way to make you feel abundant. Just be sure (as I remind you in the video above) to celebrate that abundance!

Have you ever found a coin “randomly” when you needed a boost? Share your  story in the comments.


Words of Assurance

When you need a reminder to keep showing up, the Divine can send you literal signs that carry the words you need to keep going or push you forward. Signs, like billboards or even posts on social media, can speak to the heart and give you the exact words you need to move forward.

At a tradeshow this past month, I sat across from a booth that sold art and inspirational signs. This one caught my eye, and the message is one that I have been guided to write about and potentially turn into my fifth book.

What words of assurance have you seen (or heard) “randomly” lately?


Personal Signs

These signs speak to the heart and are hard to ignore, as there is often a lot of memories or emotions tied up in them. When you miss someone who has departed this world, they can easily send you signs of assurance and love.

One of the signs my departed father sends me is red wings (he was a huge fan of the Detroit NHL team) and, at that same tradeshow, the booth across from me chose some beautiful Christmas “accents” for her booth decor (see the picture below).

The other day while Christmas shopping, I noticed this very “random” sign that made me laugh. I snapped a picture and felt the support of my Polish/Ukranian grandparents surround me with love.

What signs remind you of those you’ve lost? Ask them to send you a sign this season and keep your heart and eyes open.


No matter what signs you are looking for, just keep showing up as best as you can. Keep your heart open and your spiritual team will show up in magical ways.


Sending you big love and light,