It’s a regular occurrence in the spiritual community to hear people refer to a “high vibe” life or the oft-used quote “Good Vibes Only!”

But what exactly is a “vibe”?

And how can you “raise” yours?

Especially when you are a sensitive, self-critical mama who worries about everyone else and picks up on their energy!?

As you work on connecting deeper to the Divine and healing your limiting thoughts of failure and unworthiness, you can often feel discouraged, lost, frustrated, sad, lonely, angry, and all sorts of other emotions that leave you craving chocolate and wanting to hide in your closet until the craziness passes.

What if I told you that, one of the best ways to overcome overwhelm, anxiety and all those other negative feelings is to acknowledge them, feel them, and then shift your attention to something a bit different?

Does that even seem possible to you?


Read on to find out!


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Let’s start with the basics: all humans are made up of cells, DNA, tissue, and muscles that are mostly composed of water. Even the most logical mind will agree with this.


That water within all of us contains energy which is constantly responding to and sending out signals and vibrations, whether you are aware of it or not.

Just like the waves of the ocean, or the shaky water glass in the famous Jurassic Park scene, water responds to movement, changes in gravity (thank you moon!), and even the words you emit.

In my book Opening Up, I talk about the pretty cool Dr. Masaru Emoto, who experimented with this idea and discovered that our words, thoughts and intentions affect the physical world around us. (You can check out more about Dr. Emoto here).

With this logical, scientific proof of such a spiritual idea, many people have been influenced to become more self-aware, looking at the words, thoughts, and actions they are sending out into the world.

I find Dr. Emoto’s work especially powerful because the human body is made up of 60% water, with some organs made of up to 85% water. It’s no wonder we have such complex feelings and emotional responses to the world around us.

Raise Your Vibe, Change Your Life

Want to change your life?

The key to shifting your energy, breaking painful patterns, healing old hurts, being more present with your family and having more of what you desire is to begin changing your thoughts, words, habits and – consequentially – your vibe.

You have likely heard of the Law of Attraction (and if you haven’t, it simply states that “like attracts like”). The Law of Attraction is constantly at work, responding to the vibes you are putting out and bringing you matching experiences, people and opportunities.

This is why many of us struggle or find the expression “When it rains, it pours” to be accurate.
Often, when things challenge you, you are triggered, hurt, or frustrated and that vibration is sent out into the Universe, which can bring you more challenges.

To shift this, you must shift your vibe.

Feel those lower feelings, then try to focus your energy on something different.
This is why things like prayer, meditation, coaching, or even hugs from those you love can help. All of these things raise your vibration and allow you to tune into more joy and peace (or even just acceptance).
Take a look at this energetic vibration scale, which shows the frequency you emit when you feel certain emotions:

You can see how emotions like courage and acceptance are more expansive and powerful than fear and anger.

This is why it is easier to keep positive momentum rolling once you’ve created some good things in your life.

And to do that, you need to tap into what makes you feel better.

You cannot pick up a frequency that you are not on. If you are listening to the rock station on your radio but want to switch to country, you have to change the station.

Similarly, if you are feeling shame from family patterns or external comparisons (hello momguilt!), but want to manifest more love and light into your life, you need to shift your focus to something that feels better (even just one step up the scale can start to shift things).

Honour ALL Your Emotions

And try your best to stay away from guilt over your emotions, wherever they lie on the scale!

Remember, we all have times when we feel the whole scale of emotions – that’s what being human is all about.

As empaths and spiritual lightworkers, we tend to ride the roller-coaster more often than most and that is completely acceptable. Do not berate yourself, just reach for a better-feeling thought and keep going!

Ask yourself, “What small thing can I do right now to feel a higher vibrating emotion?

What can make me smile right now?”

It can be the smallest thing, like eating chocolate, watching a funny video on Youtube, tickling your kids, sipping a cup of your favourite tea, going for a walk in nature, having a dance party, or calling a friend.

Watch as these actions lift you up the vibrational scale and – before you know it – help you create the life you’ve been dreaming about.


Tune in now and feel your vibe instantly raised with my free 5 minute “Connect To Your Angels” Meditation here.


Light and love,


P.S. If you are looking for more ways to raise your vibe, my third book, Boundaries & Bucket-Filling is full of exercises, guided meditations and a list of uplifting activities you can use to climb the scale.