How many of you self-critical moms are looking for more confidence and patience?

I am with you!

I think too often we as moms go on social media or chat with friends with the intention of feeling seen, heard, validated, and “enough”, but we end up comparing ourselves, criticizing ourselves, or feeling like we could be doing “more”.

Always “more”.

Those comparisons and criticisms slow and eventually stall our Divine Feminine Power, the energy within us that is here to create, to express our uniqueness, and to love and nurture ourselves, our kids, our families, friends, and the rest of the world.


New to my blog? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and coach who helps female leaders and achievers deepen their intuition and boost their spiritual health.


By sharing spiritual tools, practical exercises, and one-of-a-kind channeled healing meditations.
Reconnect to your innate Divine power and the love of your angels so you can shine and lead with light!


In this video, I share a powerful exercise from the personal development book, “Life’s Greatest Lessons” by Hal Urban.

The exercise has three parts, all designed to ground you into your present power – a place that is “in the flow”, accepting and open.

Grateful for all you have, you are also open to “more”, but from a place of confidence and feeling “enough”.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, your focus is instead on what you do.

Check out the video for that exercise and for some angel card messages to really amplify the teachings and guidance.

What did the oracle cards evoke in you?

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Light and love,