Are you looking to build your trust in a supportive, abundant Universe?

In this blog and video, I share an overview of the spiritual tools I teach female leaders and achievers to help them overcome self-doubt and increase their confidence.

These tools have helped me navigate many bouts of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and times where limiting beliefs have held me back from living my best life.
Check them out below and be sure to note which one(s) peak your interest.

New to my blog? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and coach who helps female leaders and achievers deepen their intuition and boost their spiritual health.


By sharing spiritual tools, practical exercises, and one-of-a-kind channeled healing meditations.
Reconnect to your innate Divine power and the love of your angels so you can shine and lead with light!

Here are some blogs to help you build your spiritual toolkit, and gain more presence, appreciation and belief in a supportive, abundant Universe:

How to Shield Your Energy

Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt


1. Journaling

You can use journal prompts (my books are full of them), or simply write whatever comes to mind. Doing so brings clarity to your emotions, actions, and deepens your intuition.

2. Oracle cards

These cards will reflect what is happening in your heart and energy right now. They can bring guidance and intuitive nudges to help you take your next best step and tune you in to messages from the Divine.

3. Reiki

Place your hands on your heart after activating them. Close your eyes and breathe. Tap in and feel that warmth, that love. This brings you back into your physical body, grounding you in the power of the present moment.

For more on grounding, check out this blog.

4. Mirror work and Affirmations

Two tools that – when combined – can shift your mindset and open you up to possibility. Looking in the mirror, use the phrase “I am ___”. Use words that are active and in the present tense, giving that love to yourself.

5. Guided meditations or Silent meditation

The act of listening and getting in the zone can deepen your confidence and faith in an abundant Universe. Tuning in and giving your inner critic the validation they seek helps to honour your fears and insecurities. I share a lot of guided meditations (and more) in my Soul-FULL Sisterhood Community – be sure to join us, and you can get instant access to my free calming guided meditation by clicking here.

Which of these tools are you most guided to? Are there any you already use and love?

Let me know in the comments below!

Light and love,