Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I to live an abundant, happy, love-filled life?” or “Who am I to have it all?”?

Then you likely suffer from Imposter Syndrome, a limiting set of beliefs that is so common, especially in spiritual change-makers, here to nurture and love the world.

New to my blog? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and mindset coach who helps spiritually-seeking, self-critical moms become more connected and confident, living a Soul-FULL life.


By sharing spiritual tools, guided meditations, practical exercises and more to help you heal the deep-rooted beliefs and reflections of lack, sacrifice, people-pleasing, or martyrdom. Stop external comparisons, trust your intuition, and build healthy boundaries so you can embrace the natural flow of life, savour this moment, shine your Divine light and inspire all those you love! 

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What is Imposter Syndrome and how can you overcome it?

In this video, I share the definition of Imposter Syndrome, including examples of how it can limit your present joy, and I share some simple ways to triumph over those doubts.

Plus, some bonus angel guidance and oracle cards to really amplify the message!



As a spiritual, nurturing mama, you have answered the call to raise the next generation and – in the process – to help heal the world, to lead it, and to break ancestral patterns of lack and limitation.

You are here to change the world, and you know it.


So don’t let Imposter Syndrome paralyze you.

Understand that it is simply trying to keep you safe, thank those thoughts and then send them on their way.

As you do so, you can move towards a more Soul-FULL life, grounded in gratitude and the power of the present moment.

Part of living a Soul-FULL life includes releasing all the external and internal pressures you feel. Healing those voices that say you’re not enough and learning spiritual tools that help you stay grounded, grateful, and content with where you’re at, while still hopeful and excited for all that’s still to come!

I’m going to be sharing more of those tools, as well as some powerful in-the-moment angel guidance and spiritual coaching, some guided visualizations, and some healing meditations and mantras you can use to deepen your intuition and heal your abundance blocks at my first “Self-Worth Workshop” – a virtual event via Zoom on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021.

Also, make sure you join my free Soul-FULL Sisterhood Facebook community to get a massive discount to this first event, plus some free coaching in the weeks to come!


See you there!

Keep shining,