It can be extremely difficult to say good-bye to the things, people, and comfortable situations that no longer serve you.

As you work on your self-awareness and deepen your intuition, it often becomes clear that certain things, people, or situations do not resonate with the person you have become or wish to become. As your sensitivity increases, you may find yourself no longer able to put up with clutter in your home, the negative people in your life, or the situations that push you to either give too much or become a people-pleasing version of yourself.

In my work with clients and along my own personal journey, I have found that increased awareness and deepened intuition often leads to an awakening that goes beyond spiritual insights. In my case, I became acutely aware of the “bucket-dippers” that I had almost unknowingly surrounded myself with. Initially, I had let their behaviour slide because I had sought out the good in them and the potential they had to become a loving, caring person. Unfortunately, that potential was never reached (or even strived for) and as I became more and more sensitive, the negativity they emitted became almost unbearable. A change was needed.

Many of my clients have experienced similar awakenings – sometimes with romantic partners, sometimes with careers, often with the messes and excess clutter in their homes.

Remember: everything around you is made of energy, and your home, friends, partner, material possessions, and job are all mirrors that reflect energy back to you.

If you have been feeling drained or heavy lately, ask yourself what (or who) has been pulling your energy down the vibrational scale?

Is there a way you can set some healthy boundaries and continue on, or is a major change needed?

I know this can be tricky, especially when it comes to letting go of co-dependent relationships, or setting boundaries with family.

In my third book, Boundaries and Bucket-Filling, I share a healing meditation on pages 43 and 44, with the following intention. Use these words (or something similar) if you need help letting go.

“Thank you for your role in my life. Thank you for helping me grow and for all that my experience with you has taught me. I release any negative attachments to you now and we are both free to live a life of happiness and peace. I am free and you are free. I wish you the best as we both move forward and I intend that only love and respect remain between us. And so it is.”

As you set an intention for a win-win, you activate the love that connects you. This love is unending and links us all together. You can also ask the angels to bring this person (or people) exactly what they need to move forward, and feel free to move on knowing it is not your responsibility to make them happy.

You need to focus on your own happiness.

That is your challenge in the coming weeks.

Let me know how it goes!

Sending big love, Lisa