Back when health and healing expos were still happening and people were congregating safely without the threat of COVID germs spreading, I used to connect in-person with clients and encourage them to flip open one of my books – whichever one they were drawn to – and read the page.

The idea was: whatever was printed on the page was meant for them.

The message that page shared would speak to their heart; I promised it.

Sometimes, this would happen after we had chatted for a little while, often sharing stories and uncovering similar empathic short-comings – a desire to people-please, strive, hustle, or serve others to the point of short-changing or ignoring our own desires.

The blocks and hang-ups shared would always, always be mirrored back in the exercise, meditation or anecdote found on the page they flipped to, and the synchronicity would, 9 times out of 10, make us both laugh.

The Universe reminding us of how wise it is and how human we are.

Reminding us to lighten up, trust, listen.

So, in a sort of “throwback” to that tradition, my angels, ancestors, and guides have asked me to share the same healing and intuitive nudges here.

Each week, I commit to flipping open one of my three (soon to be four) books and sharing the insight that lies within them.

My hope is that the message resonates with you, mirrors back something to you from your own life, and speaks to your heart.

Trust where your intuition guides you when you read these blogs, and know that the Law of Attraction, Divine Love, and the soul contracts you have here on this earth have all led you to this page, these words, and this sacred community of women.

If you are reading this, you are part of a community of women who are trying to do better, to be better, to love ourselves and our world more, and to lift up our own hearts so we can lift up those around us.

I trust that these words will help.

Are you new here? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and mindset coach who helps sensitive, spiritual women stop people-pleasing and quiet their inner critic, building confidence as they take action towards their own dreams and desires. 


By addressing and healing the deep-rooted beliefs and reflections of lack, unworthiness, sacrifice, or martyrdom. Develop your intuition, deepen your presence, and build healthy boundaries so you can savour this moment, shine and inspire all those you love! 

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This week I flipped to an exercise found in Opening Up, chapter 3, on page 21 where you are asked to rub your hands together and feel the energy and heat between them. I will be leading this exercise and chatting a bit more in-depth about it on my free Soul-FULL Sisterhood Facebook group later this week – join us!

This exercise is a simple one meant to tune you in to the energy all around you.

I first learned it when I took a Reiki Level 1 class in the winter of 2012/2013.

Our hands are magical healers that carry everything from our food to our babies, nourishing and nurturing.

Hands can be used to save lives, to lighten others’ loads, to plant seeds, and to create in so many magical ways.

These very words being read by you were typed with two hands that have shared many inspiring words over the years (and yes, some not-so-inspiring ones lol).

We place our hands on those we love and those we want to connect with, willing our energy, care, compassion, and strength to move through them and into the other person.

We wrap them around others and use them to pull that person in, heart to heart.


What do you use your hands for?

What magic have they created for you and in service to others?


It’s a synchronistic nudge this week to remember the magic of your hands, as mine have been dry, cracked, and painful all week long.

Last week, Kyle, the girls and I took a trip to Regina; it was the first time we have been there in a year and a half.

My mom and brother had come up to see us last summer when COVID cases were extremely low, but I hadn’t seen my sister, niece, nephews and in-law siblings since Christmas of 2019.

This trip comes as what would have been my dad’s 67th birthday nears, always just before Fathers’ Day.

So lots of emotions swirled as we tentatively booked a date to safely convene as a family.

Most would think the trip was full of tearful reuniting, hugs and laughter, dancing and joyously jumping up and down and there were definitely moments like that, but it was also a very stressful time.

The chaos of COVID has left the rules changing every day and even in a post-vaccine world, so many of us are used to being told we can’t do things that I didn’t trust that our visit would actually happen.

Even with all of us vaccinated (yes, I am pro-vax) the stress of planning for, packing for, and actually being able to take a trip four hours away got to me and my hands broke out.

A big fan of Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” book, I flipped it open to see what she has to say about the link between our hands and our heart/spirit/soul.

Hands: Linked to all ways of dealing with experiences.

New Thought Pattern: “I choose to handle all my experiences with love and with joy and with ease.”

Ease was not how I was handling things.

No, instead I had been pushing and struggling and stressing.


Upon reflection, I also recognized I had not written anything in a while.

I have been working with a transcriber system of voice notes for book 4, so hadn’t sat and typed in a long time.

Enter this blog.

It is amazing what happens when you tune in to the magic of your hands and what they need.

I know I am meant to write and speak and heal others with my words, but I have been doubting it.

Unsure of how best to share my voice.

Yet I know, I just know, there is someone reading this who relates, who has found this reminder of their magical hands helpful.

It is exactly what you needed to read today.

And I have to trust that.

I have to type and share and be vulnerable.

So that is my promise to you, moving forward on this blog.

My own “Jerry Maguire” manifesto, if you will. (Anyone else recognize the reference to my favourite show on TV right now “This is Us“?)

In doing so, I know my hands will continue to heal (they are getting better now that we are home from our visit and happy to be moving towards a new normal) and that my words will also do the same – for me and for you.


Journal prompts:

How are you honouring your hands and the energy that flows to them and through them this week?

How can you tune in to that energy daily and use it to create?

What are you hoping to create with your hands in the weeks and months ahead?


Sending you lots of Reiki love and magic through my spirit fingers,



P.S. I also really love “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist“! Emotional. Musical. Hilarious.