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Angel numbers everywhere!!
3s and 4s, reminding me that I am Divine, made of light and infinite radiance (#3) and surrounded by angels who are ready to help (#4)!
What angel numbers have you seen lately?

#angelnumbers #divineguidance

Angel Guidance πŸ˜‡ πŸ’™ ...

Saw this little sign of hope last night while packing up for a full day of coaching at @awakennirvana101
Such a beautiful reminder of the beauty that comes after the storm. πŸ’—

It is always awesome to discover one of the many amazing titles @driverworksink has published!
Saw this beauty at the Rider Store in Regina while enjoying a great game with my brother and had to take a pic.

Happy Canada Day!
Today, I am celebrating the privileges that come from living on this beautiful land, and sending love and gratitude to all of those who sacrificed so much, including the Indigenous people of Canada who lost much and my ancestors, who risked it all by migrating here.
Are you Canadian? Where are you celebrating today? (We live in Medicine Hat but are celebrating in Regina this year)!

Wind-blown hair, don't care!
Recharging in the sunshine and letting my worries blow away on the breeze.
Have you gotten outside today?

I'm feeling some pretty big feelings these past few days, with a busy, emotional season catching up to me: my dad's birthday, Zoey graduating kindergarten, full moon crazy, Father's Day coming up, and Kyle's work hours getting insane.
There are so many wonderful beginnings unfolding, but I need some time to release the old.
I'm taking a breather and will be off social and email for a few days, but plan to be back late next week with a new video and blog on some of the healing tools I love.
If you're feeling heavy lately, you're not alone. Honour those feelings and allow the emotion to move through you, like an exhale. That's the only way you make room for the new.
Hugs, Lisa

Listen; tune in; feel Divine Spirit fill you with healing love and inspiration.
Guidance is just a breath, a pause, a single moment away.
What do you hear?
This Saturday, I'll be at @awakennirvana101 for 1:1s, tuning you in and helping heal your blocks to abundance.
Message me to book. πŸ’™

Beautiful lightworker,
You are here to shine.
Your inner radiance and compassion is such a gift.
Sometimes the pain of the world can weigh so heavily on your heart, but you are not alone.
You are not meant to carry that weight. Send it to the heavens and know there are many others, just like you, feeling the struggle of a world that is leveling up.
When you feel overwhelmed, be sure to take a moment to pause, breathe, and place your hands on your heart.
Affirm: My sensitive soul is a blessing to this world.
My empathy and desire for change is needed.
I am never alone; my angels and ancestors are with me as I keep moving forward.
I am guided by God, that loving Source who wants the best for me and for this Earth.
And so it is.

Needing some spiritual guidance and healing?
It is just two weeks until I'm back at @awakennirvana101 for another Saturday of 1:1s!
Message me to book your spot now. πŸ’™
(30 and 60min available)

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately, with my next book in editing, my coaching gaining clarity and traction again, and a busy post-pandemic life with two littles filling my days.
Kyle has been working longer hours, so today we met him for a quick lunch.
As we ate, I celebrated the change of scenery, being around other people and adults, the opportunity to connect with Kyle and see his smile, and the fact that I didn't have to cook!
My gratitude increased as the girls played puzzles and I was able to answer some emails after Kyle headed back to work.
As I sat, grounded in gratitude, one of the employees approached me and handed me a gift card, saying, "I just wanted to give this to you, so you can bring your girls back again."
This little act filled up my heart even more!
I find it never fails, when you trust your intuition and ask, "What can I do today to be more present and happier?" your angels will show you their support and send you signs that you are where you're meant to be.
Affirm: "I trust my intuition to lead me to beautiful signs of support and abundance!"
Comment "Yes, please!" if you are open to the abundance your angels want to bring you!!

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