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Latest From Lisa

What Does Soul-FULL Mean?

When I coined the term Soul-FULL in 2020, humanity was in the middle of a very hard year. The COVID-19 pandemic had just started creating chaos in North America and almost everyone I knew was feeling lonely, stressed, and uncertain of what the future would hold....

Moving Through Discomfort with More Ease

It can be extremely difficult to say good-bye to the things, people, and comfortable situations that no longer serve you. As you work on your self-awareness and deepen your intuition, it often becomes clear that certain things, people, or situations do not resonate...


Sometimes I forget the magic of this world. And then my daughter will ask me how fish breathe underwater. And as I explain how gills work, the wonder of it all smacks me in the face. My heart opens and hope enters. As once again, the Universe reminds me of its...

Spiritually Heal Overwhelm & Anxiety

Have you ever felt like your intuition has led you astray? Or that your angels have deserted you and left you to struggle? If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, this blog can help you reframe and remind you of the power you have in this moment to shift your...

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