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Angel Guidance from the Archangel Michael oracle cards

In this reading, Archangel Michael brings his energy to surround you and protect you. Ask Archangel Michael to help give you strength, courage, and love. Be sure to welcome in Michael's patience, as you look to manifest more. Intend that Archangel Michael's uses his...

What Exactly are Angel Cards?

As I get back out into the community, sharing angel guidance and my spiritual guidebooks with the world, I've had quite a few people ask me, "What exactly are angel cards?" My answer? "Angel cards are a divination tool - like tarot, these oracle cards are filled with...

Angel Guidance from the Flower Therapy Deck

Here is some beautiful angel guidance as we head into spring! I'm using the Flower Therapy oracle card deck. Which card were you drawn to? Did it resonate? View the full video below!   You can also book your own reading, done by video chat or phone: 30 minutes or...

Heal Your Money Mindset

What does abundance mean to you? What would true fulfillment look like in your day to day life? In this video, I share what my term "Soul-FULL" means and share with you some simple reminders to help you welcome in more financial flow, gratitude, and presence in the...

Socialize With Me!

Just two 30min spots (or one 60min) left this coming Saturday at @awakennirvana101 πŸŽ‰
Message me to book your reading or to reserve a slot for June 11th!
So excited to be back! πŸ™‚πŸ’™

Finishing up three days of amazing training with @christian.mickelsen and excited to share some events with you all this fall!!!
Trainings like this are so motivating and I am ready to keep momentum rolling!
How are you learning and growing right now?
With the second new moon of April and a powerful eclipse, now is the perfect time to create!!!
Thank you Christian for sharing your light! πŸ™

Join me tomorrow for FREE READINGS!
I will be going Live on my Facebook page and then in my Soul-FULL Sisterhood group to share inspiration from this new deck I just love!!
Be sure you've joined the group and turned on notifications for your chance to receive free angel guidance and healing love!
I might even try and go live on TikTok - @lisadriver1111 πŸ™‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I discovered these bucket-filling notes in with my entries from the Regina tradeshow!
What has made your heart sparkle this week?

Happy Easter from these two sweet bunnies! πŸ°πŸ’™πŸ£ ...

Angel signs can bring immense comfort when you are feeling alone, nostalgic, or just in need of some reassurance.
This week I received a reading where my father's spirit told the reader he would continue to send me "birds that aren't from here".
Since my dad was a Detroit Red Wings fan, cardinals have always resonated as an angel sign, but this one felt like a special Easter hug.
I opened the fridge to grab a bevvie for Kyle, thinking about how lucky we are to be surrounded by family this year, and instantly saw this lone beer, winking at me.
Happy Easter Dad, and Happy Easter to all of you.
Consider this a sign from the loved ones you miss! 🍻🐰❀🐣

My latest YouTube video shares angel guidance to help you embrace your sensitive heart.
Pick a card and enjoy these messages from Spirit!
(Link in bio) πŸ’™

I spent the weekend in Regina, connecting with beautiful souls at my first Healing Expo in years, and feeling my Divine purpose anchored even deeper into my soul.
Before I left, my daughters wanted to make sure I wouldn't be lonely or miss them too much. They encouraged me to pack a stuffy.
So, Harry spent the weekend alongside my blue heart crystal, reminding me of the magic within that I am awakening in others, my daughters most importantly.
I am home now, recharging and resting before I move forward with book 4 and more plans for readings, workshops, and all sorts of magical goodness.
Thanks to everyone who shared their light with me this weekend, to the angels for all their beautiful messages of love, to the new vendors who will be carrying my books (more on that soon), and to my husband who held down the fort while I was away.
Life is good πŸ’™

Before and after of my lower back tattoo.
I've been wanting a phoenix for a while, and this one is ready to leave the nest after rising from all the chaos of the past few years. πŸ’™
Massive props to @amandadawnink for her artistry and talent! πŸ’—

Live readings! Pre-orders for book #4! Crystals, mini meditations, and more!
I am PUMPED to be attending my first healing expo in YEARS this coming weekend in Regina!
I'll be offering readings, doing a free presentation on Saturday at noon, and selling copies of all of my spiritual guidebooks.
Come by to say "hi", and pre-book your reading if you'd like to connect with your angels. πŸ˜‡

#yqr #angelreadings #healing

The angels have guided me to pull some cards this week, so tell me, which deck should I use? πŸ’™ ...

Feeling so badass and looking great after busting through blocks during day one of #TonyRobbinsUPW 🀣
Check out my Facebook profile for the full video!

Tomorrow marks day one of my first ever Unleash the Power Within with the incredible @tonyrobbins !!!
The timing is perfect, as I prepare to launch book four into the world and share this incredible guidebook, helping thousands of empaths heal their feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.

With a full moon tomorrow, the spring equinox on Monday, and my 39th birthday Tuesday, I am ready to rise up and awaken some amazing things in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Cheers to all that lies ahead! It is going to be amazing!!


Which card are you drawn to?
I'll be doing the reveal tomorrow at 8pm MST on my Facebook page, then popping over to my wonderful Soul-FULL Sisterhood group to share a channeled, in-the-moment, healing meditation. (Links in bio)
Set your alarm in your phone to join me!

In a world telling you to isolate, to disconnect, and to feel afraid, always remember that you are loved.
Angel, ancestors, and energetic beings of light surround you with protection, guidance, and comfort.
Take a deep breath and welcome that love in.
You are a Divine spirit having a human experience. Nothing can truly hurt you.

Just a reminder amidst all the new years resolutions: it is fantastic to have goals, hopes, and dreams for 2022, but it is equally important to understand that winter is a season of restoration and of going within.
Be sure to set aside time to listen to your body, mind, and spirit.
Connect with your angels and ancestors and feel their love warm you from the inside out.
Have patience with yourself and remember to just be.

This week's card asks you to connect to your angels and ancestors, and ask for their guidance and love as we enter this new year.
Visit this week's video in my Soul-FULL Sisterhood group (linked in bio) for more details and a free meditation to help you do just that.

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