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“You Are Enough” Free Meditation: Other People’s Gifts

The Kickstarter for my fourth book, "You Are Enough: Activate Your Angels and Magnetize a Soul-Full Life" is now live! Click here to pre-order your copy! You will have the opportunity to back this book until October 1, 2022. There are all sorts of goodies you can...

Angel Guidance and Oracle Cards for September 2022

Looking for guidance for the month ahead? Wanting to get your hands on a copy of my next book, "You Are Enough"? Click here to pre-order! Enjoy this angel guidance and angel card messages from the Angel Tarot deck! Which card(s) were you drawn to? New to my blog? If...

VIP Details on My Next Book, “You Are Enough”

It has been almost four years in the making, but my next and fourth book, "You Are Enough: Activate Your Angels and Magnetize a Soul-Full Life" is almost here! Click here to pre-order your copy of this spiritual guidebook! Read on for all the details of the upcoming...

Reiki for Emotional Healing

Looking for a simple tool to help with emotional healing and calming anxiety? Quiet your mind, ground your energy, and feel more peace with this very simple beginner's Reiki move. Check out the video below for this easy to use spiritual tool that can help you feel...

Socialize With Me!

Have you pre-ordered your copy of my next book, "You Are Enough" yet?
The Kickstarter for this book runs until Oct. 1st and you can save big on the book, meditations, private readings, and more! (Link in bio)
I'll be going Live every day on my Facebook page (@lisadriver111) and Soul-FULL Sisterhood group for the next week to share insight into just how powerful this book is!
See you there?

Set your alarms for 8pm MST, and join me LIVE for some blessed angel guidance as we head into the last two weeks of September!
Comment "done" if you'll be joining me! πŸ’™

I'm heading to Nirvana 101 this Saturday from 10-4 to share angel guidance and the details on how you can pre-order my next book!
Message me or comment below if you'd like more info/to book your reading.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be sharing insight and love with any beautiful soul who visits @awarehousebooks in Regina!
Stop by for a hug, a free card pull, and the details on how you can save BIG on my next book!

Cut off at the end, but your Card of the Day is pretty straight forward - how can you set limits and send up your worries to the heavens? Your angels are ready to help! ...

Angel numbers everywhere!!
3s and 4s, reminding me that I am Divine, made of light and infinite radiance (#3) and surrounded by angels who are ready to help (#4)!
What angel numbers have you seen lately?

#angelnumbers #divineguidance

Angel Guidance πŸ˜‡ πŸ’™ ...

Saw this little sign of hope last night while packing up for a full day of coaching at @awakennirvana101
Such a beautiful reminder of the beauty that comes after the storm. πŸ’—

It is always awesome to discover one of the many amazing titles @driverworksink has published!
Saw this beauty at the Rider Store in Regina while enjoying a great game with my brother and had to take a pic.

Happy Canada Day!
Today, I am celebrating the privileges that come from living on this beautiful land, and sending love and gratitude to all of those who sacrificed so much, including the Indigenous people of Canada who lost much and my ancestors, who risked it all by migrating here.
Are you Canadian? Where are you celebrating today? (We live in Medicine Hat but are celebrating in Regina this year)!

Wind-blown hair, don't care!
Recharging in the sunshine and letting my worries blow away on the breeze.
Have you gotten outside today?

I'm feeling some pretty big feelings these past few days, with a busy, emotional season catching up to me: my dad's birthday, Zoey graduating kindergarten, full moon crazy, Father's Day coming up, and Kyle's work hours getting insane.
There are so many wonderful beginnings unfolding, but I need some time to release the old.
I'm taking a breather and will be off social and email for a few days, but plan to be back late next week with a new video and blog on some of the healing tools I love.
If you're feeling heavy lately, you're not alone. Honour those feelings and allow the emotion to move through you, like an exhale. That's the only way you make room for the new.
Hugs, Lisa

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